Full-Time Faculty

  • Bassam Hussein, Chair, Assistant Professor
    Ph.D. in Engineering Management, MBA in Technology Management, B. Eng. in Computer Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.
  • Ibrahim Serhan, Instructor
    M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and B.S. Computer Engineering, Lawrence Technological University,  MI, USA.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Elie Maalouf, Assistant Professor
PhD in Industrial Engineering, Master in Manufacturing Engineering Management, Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA. 
  • Bachar Abdallah, Instructor
Master of Engineering Management, Master of Engineering Science in Telecommunications, B.S. in Computer Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia.
  • Mohamad Chamas, Instructor
M.S.in Biochemistry, Diploma in World Trade & Conformity Assessment, Quality Infrastructure Development, Sweden Stockholm.
  • Shaza Soleiman, Instructor
        Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, Master of Engineering in Highway Transportation  &                Traffic EngineeringB. Eng. in Civil Engineering, LU, Beirut, Lebanon.
    • Faysal Yatim, Assistant Professor
      PhD in Strategy, Program & Project Management, M.S. Computer Engineering, B.S. Mathematics, École Supérieur de Commerce – Lille France
      • Dareen Hussein, Instructor
              M.S. in General Chemistry & M.S. in Environmental Engineering, LU, Beirut, Lebanon
      • Tarek Abdul Rida, Instructor
              M.S. in Engineering Management, Bachelor in Computer & Communications Engineering, AUB, 
              Beirut, Lebanon.
      • Ola Saleh, Instructor
              PhD in Law, M.S. in Law, Bachelor in Law, BAU, Lebanon.
      • Oussama Dimassi, Assistant Professor
              PhD in Agricultural Sciences, M.S. in , Livestock production and Management, Bachelor         
              in Agriculture Sciences, University of Hohenheim, Germany.